Taxis are getting more complicated year by year. So are your your daily life. Why should you use your smartphone to hail a taxi when you simply can wave with your hands?

What it does

We stops a taxi without an app, just by waving with your hand, or using our predefined destination cards. Take a look at our presentation here for more information. Features:

  • Google Cloud Text-to-Speach
  • Web socket to communicate with motor controller
  • TensorFlow PoseNet to recognize hand gesture
  • Cross platform communication
  • Live Robot Demo

How we built it

Clone the repository from our GitHub.

# Run this on RPi 3 to control the speech detection: 
$ python3

# Run this on RPi Server to control the robot:
$ python3

# To set up motor controller web-socket:
$ python3

Challenges we ran into

Working cross platform with multiple languages is complicated. Always check for hardware issues first, before blaming the software guy.

Accomplishments that we`re proud of

We build a awesome robot in less than 36 hours!!!

What we learned

Hackathon is fun!

What's next for GrannyTaxi

Second prize is also nice

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