The Scenario

The children are learning how to be polite and practising their social skills. They still don't have their own mobile phones as yet but they do have access to a computer. Grandma and Granddad appreciate talking to their grandchildren and load a web page such that they may communicate.

The children may use their GrannyCall web page to call their parents or their grandparents. The way they use speech during the conversation is analysed and they are rewarded for their politeness.

How it works

The facility leverages Voxbone API to create a webRTC call to an Asterisk box using chan_respoke. The call is recorded using Asterisk call recording facilities and then uploaded to Clarify to be analysed. This returns a count of the number of predefined key words in the recording to give an overall score. The resultant score is then used to calculate the level of reward that the child should receive.

The facility demonstrates compatibility of different technologies using webRTC.

Use cases

This use case was selected as a simple way of demonstrating the principles of how a training application may be developed to help educate people in the use of language. It could be extended to cover such areas as call center agent training, language pronunciation or sales pitches.

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