For many youth in Hong Kong and out, having access to a psychologist to understand their emotions is difficult. They're expensive, requires huge commitment and with the stigma associated to the practice, sharing deeply intimate and personal aspects about onself to a stranger is a very hard step to take.

In fact, surveys have showed that more than half of Hong Kong pupils suffer from mental illnesss and do not aqcuire the assistance of psychologists. It is this inaccesibility to psychological tools that we wanted to address.

What it does

Through Microsoft's Emotion API, Granny listens and guides you through the Cognitive Behavior therapy method while understanding your emotions in realtime, mimicing your emotions for an added sense of empathy. After the process, Granny then visualizes your emotion data into useful metrics to allow you to understand and to log how you felt throughout the day. The more you talk to Granny, the better you understand your emotions!

How we built it

Granny was primarily built on a Firebase backend and a React Native Framework. In order to fulfill important specialist functions, popular APIs such as Microsoft Azure's Emotion API and Chart.js, a specialized emotion detection software and a collection of sophisticated, flexible data visualizations respectively, were also integrated into the application.

Challenges I ran into

It was our first experience with Android development and using Microsoft Azure Emotion API, so we had to do a lot of reading on documentations.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have cute granny.

What I learned

General Android development Using RESTful APIs Bring a blanket next time

What's next for Granny

Working with actual therapists to fine tune the app and test it Refinement of UI design, adding a feedback element to the Granny conversation Integration of IBM Watson's Tone Analyzer for better Emotion understanding

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