One of our teammate’s grandfather had Alzheimer’s and often he would go missing and his family members had a tough time tracking him and bring him back. We could track if they go somewhere locally but this is nearly impossible if they walk off to distant places.So we wanted to find a way to keep our teammates' grandfather safe by building something which can be helpful for all the patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

What it does

Our app can track the person involved through the live feed from the SmartWatch. These include Heart rate, Step Count, ECG, Location, Activity tracker, etc. Also if the signal from the Smartwatch is lost the app can predict the person’s current location with the help of the person’s average speed .Also this app will come with Alexa and Google Assistant’s support i.e You can ask your Alexa or Google “How’s Grandma” and it will answer you with all the data necessary

How we built it

Swift, Flutter, Healthkit-IOS, Google-Fit, Health-Flutter, Firebase, FireStore

Built With

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