The Problem

Thee biggest contributor to health issues in low income populations is simply a lack of proper nutrition. Basic nutrition becomes a luxury for those who lack money, transportation, and time. The closest healthy food is a lengthy bus ride; hours away; where you can only bring back what you can carry. This is not the story of just a handful of people, but is the daily reality of 2.3 million Americans.

The Story

Meet Paul. A 24 year old, waiter from the Bronx. He eats out 8-10 times a week at places like McDonalds, Taco Bell and 7/11. That's unhealthy, but what choice does he have. He's overworked; Underpaid; and does not have a car.

Meet Rosales. She's 59 Retired and lives by Paul. Unlike Paul, she has free time, and a car. She loves to cook, and cooks well.

The Solution

We want to connect people like Rosales to people like Paul. People who love to cook, with people who need a home cooked meal. By doing so, we will help them be healthier. Telling people they are unhealthy, wont make them change. Giving them a solution will.

How it all happened

We built an web based mobile app using good ol Javascript, HTML & CSS. Our backend server is a NodeJS express server, running with mongoDB.

What's next for Grandma's Stew

To kickstart the projects we are considering meeting with local pastors to help promote the app.

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