Sadly, the elderly aged 85+ are the second most likely age group to die from suicide. Living in isolation, struggling with the death of a lifelong spouse or friends, or a lack of family visitation can lead seniors vulnerable to social isolation and loneliness.

Seeing my grandma's love for Mahjong and how the game connected her with our family and friends inspired me to design a more inclusive gaming experience that would allow seniors to interact with more friendly faces.

What it does

GrandGamer connects seniors to live volunteers who will schedule times to play games with them on a video call.

How I built it

The prototypes were created with Adobe XD. Photoshop was used to create graphics.

Challenges I ran into

This project made me focus more on design, when I'm usually on the coding end of things. I never fully appreciated before how slight changes in fonts, photos, or color schemes could make such big visual differences in a final product.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Lots of firsts- first time trying Red Bull, first time having a solo team, first time being in Colorado, first time using Adobe XD, etc.

What I learned

How to use Adobe XD! Including how to use various features: plugins, interactions, repeat grid, auto-animate, and more.

What's next for GrandGamer

  • I'd like to implement a friendly bot feature that would allow users to play games 24/7 when volunteers are not always available.
  • A notification feature to remind users and volunteers when a game is scheduled soon.
  • More animations would add increased responsiveness.


  • All games are suitable for those with physical or cognitive limitations.
  • Large type and game boards make it easier for vision problems.
  • Many games can be completed in under 30 minutes, preventing potential time or attention-span burnout.
  • For those with colorblindness, patterns and textures emphasize contrast between objects.
  • GrandGamer is free to users.

Ethical considerations

  • Information will be stored locally and not collected, shared, or sold to ensure autonomy is respected.
  • Volunteers will trained to not assume anything about the user- including gender, sexuality, age, etc. until told.
  • Volunteers will undergo a vigorous screening process to verify identity and weed out potential problems.

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