Loneliness is one of the major challenges of Elderly Care. It creates social isolation impacting the well-being of elderly citizens. This causes the elderly to not adhere to their medical time table. Lack of medical adherence causes further illness, creating a need for NHS to spend more money on elderly care. NHS losses nearly £100m annually due to lack of medical adherence by elderly citizens.

What it does

GrandCare lets children & grandchildren set-up pill reminders in their own voice. This motivates the elderly to stick to their medical time-table and increases their well-being. The voice reminders let the elderly feel that their family is involved in their well-being, decreasing loneliness. Healthy elderly decreases NHS spend on elderly care. A 10% increase in terms of elderly care can save NHS £10m annually.

How I built it

Running a flask server than connects to Messager to get the text/audio. Which is then passed to the PyTorch audio speech recognition, to be transcribed to text that trigger responses that send reminders

Challenges I ran into

Pretrained models had issues with some peoples voices

What I learned

Interconnecting Facebook Messenger with PyTorch to develop new solutions.

What's next for Grand Care

GrandCare can be developed into a regular pill /medical test reminder solution, with reminders for different pills and medical tests. It not only assures the children that their parents/grandparents are sticking to their medical schedules but also makes the elderly feel loved and cared for, even at distances. A healthy ageing populating decreases the cost of medical services for the NHS.

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