Our inspiration teaming up with Buy Food With Plastic (BFWP) comes from grammerhub's diverse team members. Together, we represent a variety of cultures with a variety of backgrounds, but what unites us is our desire to help people while collaborating to create a cleaner, greener world.

When we read through all the organizations participating in Hack the Climate, we were drawn to BFWP because of their mission, execution, and transparency. We want to empower BFWP, so we created an application that will help streamline the process of creating impact reports.

What it does

We created an application to generate impact reports. Thus far, our application works as a content management system (CMS) to create and manage events with receipts. Our end goal is to auto-generate impact reports and integrate additional features, as discussed later.

How we built it

At the beginning of the project, we collaborated with the organizers of BFWP to understand what features were most important. We focused on creating an application that we felt would provide the most benefit to the organizers, making sure to consider our time and resource constraints.

We used Jira for project management, creating a backlog to prioritize and break apart work. Developers then pulled stories from the backlog to work on.

Regarding the tech stack, we used React as Nextjs for the front end, Expressjs for the backend, Mongo DB for the database, and Canva for the video creation. Github was used as version control.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge we overcame was working with a smaller team than we had anticipated. We overcame this by adapting to our capacity, rapidly reorganizing and prioritizing task distribution.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our ability to adapt to constrained resources. We are proud of balancing the significant time commitment to this project with our professional and personal lives. We are also very proud of creating a generic form field generator to streamline and speed up our demonstration/application.

What we learned

We learned how to efficiently create a demonstration video using Canva. We learned how to create express routes.

What's next for BFWP Impact Report Generator

We would like to team up with BFWP to offer continued support for this application and implement additional features moving forward, including optical character recognition (OCR) and natural language processing (NLP) to be able to process receipt images. We would like to integrate a WhatsApp feature that would take advantage of the available cellular network to update event receipts real-time. Most importantly, we would like to customize this application to the needs of the BFWP team.

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