Two Reasons I decided to create English Grammar are-

  • I went through the website and found that they have not put the education domain as a use-case for their APIs.

  • I am preparing for IELTS (I will probably give the exam in March) I thought It would be the perfect opportunity to create an app that's quite different from the Language learning app out there in the market.

What it does

English Grammar Pro is a full-fledged open-source mobile app for people of all ages who wants to learn English Grammar. It's not just any other Mobile English app. It has advanced NLP capabilities that will make English Grammar Learning Fun and interesting. It contains things that I guarantee you will not find in any other app. Features of the App include-

  • Theory: Learn the basics of English Grammar. Find More about the nuts and bolts of making Sentences. I have also developed an API (Four Endpoints) using Nodejs and Postgres to support this feature.

  • Daily News: Find what's happening around the world (India, Canada, USA, Singapore) by reading News Articles (update Daily). [will put this feature in Backend in Future]

  • Parts Of Speech: Find Parts of Speech in a sentence and understand the core concepts of English Grammar.

  • Hate Speech Calculator: Calculate the Sentiment Score of your opinion before uploading anything on Social Media. [I believe that everyone should know the difference between Freedom of Speech and Hate Speech as it could hurt someone's feelings]

  • Search Word Meanings: Find new words, definitions along with examples instantaneously on a click of a button.

How we built it

React Native, NodeJs, Postgres,, NewsAPI, and Amazon EC2

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was to create another Language learning app with features that people have never seen before. I am sure that the judges will love it. documentation is pretty much neat. I was able to implement the API in Mobile App with Ease.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Even though I have to make a few changes before publishing the app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, I still believe that the Mobile App is pretty much complete. If I win the Hackathon, I will create a nodejs SDK for the, implement a lot more features depending on the feedback and the Judge's Response in future releases.

What we learned

Third-Party API Integration, NLP, ReactNative, Postgres, NodeJs, Fastapi, and Deta

What's next for GrammarPro

I will create a nodejs SDK, Implement a few more features depending on the feedback. I will put most of the code in the backend. In this way, I would get a lot more control over the data flow. The only thing I regret is not able to develop a Quiz, Localisation, and Word-Meaning Feature. I will do that in future

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