I was inspired by apps like Grammarly, but wanted to create an easier-to-use and with better grammar corrections.

What it does

You simply put the text you want to correct on the left, press submit, and a grammatically correct version of the text will appear on the box to the right.

How we built it

I used python in a Jupyter Notebook with a machine learning model at link and Gradio to get it on the web.

Challenges we ran into

I had trouble install some dependencies but eventually realized that I had to install another one first.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was my second Hackathon ever and I've never used Jupyter notebooks or machine learning!

What we learned

I learned how to use Gradio and Jupyter Notebooks.

What's next for Gramformer

I think that a UI with more user functions would be nice to create in the future.

Built With

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