We already build one of the first wallets that allow making Gram payments at Telegram Open Network (BUTTON Wallet) Right now we want to build the first-ever exchange that will allow making atomic swaps between TON and ETH

What it does

It allows to send GRAMs and get ETH. Also, it allows to send ETH and get GRAMs.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

Currently, TON is at early TESTNET and there is no public API / Wallet API, even any way how to easily sign and send transactions directly from JS / Swift / Cotlin. However, we already made a wrapper over light-client. We use it and BUTTON Wallet as a platform to receive and send GRAMs right now. So, the main issue is decentralization and the way, how we can make it public and transparent. TON will have smart contracts and TVM, so we made several assumptions right now:

  1. Due to the reason that there is no open-source way to write a hash-lock contract on TON - we will show only the prototype of it
  2. Due to the reason that there is no a lot of TON wallets - we will do most of the operations centralized till a new API will appear

What's next for GramEth

We are going to make it much more efficient and decentralized using current solutions like POA bridge for TON and TON.Labs smart contracts translator Solidity => TVM.

We just allow you to exchange and receive GRAMS to ETH, BNB, WAVES using hash locks.

Also we integrated ChainLink and Torus to our project.

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