We're college students who do not have cars and study at a remotely located university. Sometimes we would see cool garage sales on Facebook with cool stuff but we can't get them because the owners can't deliver and we don't have the extra money to go THERE and BUY it and GET BACK on UBER (which is largely EXPENSIVE, looking at you Uber). Upon coming to MLH Prime Southwest, we learned about Postmates delivery platform and voila! Grale (Garage Sales!) was born.

What it does

Basic functionalities:

  • Sellers could post their product listing
  • Customers could see products
  • If customers like something, they input their address
  • We send the addresses of seller and customer to Postmates
  • Postmates delivers

How we built it

We ran test on Postman and built our code for listing of items in Python. Currently no GUI, just good ol' terminal Craigslist

Challenges we ran into

We started by coding in Java. Java does not support Http requests properly so we switched to Python at midnight. And we had very LITTLE experience in Python

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made it to work!

What we learned

How to include API in program AND Python coding

What's next for Grale - Garage Sale

Give it a GUI and include Stripe API for charging $$$

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