We wanted a way for farmers to be able to keep up with news relevant to their profession without the hassle of pulling out a phone or computer. This skill allows Amazon Alexa owners to add news about the global grain market to their flash briefing so they can get news hands-free.

What it does

This skill imports an RSS feed about grain market news (currently limited to Australia)

How we built it

We used the Amazon Alexa developer console and flash briefing preset, and added an automatic-updating RSS feed url to it. The flash briefing preset automatically adds functionality for the voice commands needed and a text-to-speech feature that reads the feed out.

Challenges we ran into

Finding an RSS feed that worked seamlessly with the console or attempting to create our own feed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The skill was certified by Amazon so it is now available for download anywhere.

What we learned

We learned how to create Amazon Alexa skills that I will use in the future to create more complex skills for my own use.

What's next for Grain Market News Alexa Skill

Adding a better RSS feed by creating our own feed tailored for text-to-speech, and region-based results.

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