Uses Project Tango and Unity to let the user "draw" on any detected surfaces. This version has four different colors: red, blue, green, and white. Created during the VandyHacks Project Tango Hack Night (March 23 2017).

Project Tango is a Google project that allows certain devices with the necessary hardware to detect and model the 3D space around the device. This technology lets programmers create a number of creative and interactive applications not possible on devices without this hardware.

This program uses the Project Tango APIs and Unity to model the environment around the device and lets the user draw on top of this environment, which allows the user to draw on walls, tables, and even people! This can be compared to Snapchat's feature that lets users draw on their pictures but instead of on a 2D picture, it is on a live interactive 3D world.

Currently, this program is limited in brush size and brush color (to four colors) but future implementations of such a program could add more such features and let the user become a true graffiti master!

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