Graffiti is an iOS application which allows you to leave your mark anywhere in the world. Simply load up the application, and you will be able to see virtual graffiti at your location left by other people.

You can join in on the fun by simply tapping the spray can, which will open up a canvas for you to create your own masterpiece.

Chose any variety of colors, stroke width, or even text to share your creativity with the world! If you come across a piece of graffiti you particularly like, feel free to give it an upvote!

How it works

Graffiti uses your GPS location as well as magnetic heading and accelerometer data to accurately place graffiti in your environment. When another user comes across your artwork, it appears on their screen just as you left it. Graffiti also uses your camera so that your virtual "tag" is placed in context and enhances reality. (aka this is an AR app)

Nerd talk

Cocoapods: jot by IFTTT, Colorslider, SnapKit, and Toast-Swift

Libraries: CoreMotion, CoreLocation, AV Foundation (<- this thing sucks)

Server done in flask and sqlite

why did you apply for the best domain name?

Harambe and Me

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