• Enable users to comment on any part of the web, paragraph by paragraph.
  • Create an infinite space to have honest, judgement-free discussions on any website, including ones without native comment sections.

How it works

  • Graffiti enables a unique way of commenting on every website. Users are able to visit any website and leave a "graffiti" (or comment) attached to a specific paragraph. See example below:


  • These comments are anonymously visible to everyone who has the extension installed. When other people visit the page, they can see the most recent comments that have been left -- similar to how real graffiti works.

  • The paragraph-specific granularity leads to more meaningful, context-specific discussions and discourages knee-jerk reactions to headlines on social media.

  • The global scale of the platform empowers users to engage in conversations with a diverse group of users, outside of their own social bubbles.

  • Fosters supportive commentary in articles and sections of the internet where commentary from users is not normally allowed in order to be emotionally supportive

How We Built It

We created a RESTful Flask API to interact with our Firebase database of comments on different websites. Our chrome extension uses JavaScript and jQuery to directly interface with our custom API to display the comments on the website.


Working with javascript to cleanly inject side comments to a web page while maintaining the original style of the website.

Whats Next

  • Improve granularity of annotations to allow graffiti at the sentence or phrase level. We also want to support different formats of graffiti such as images.
  • Spam filters.
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