As both of us are first-generation college students, we knew from personal experience that there was a lot of information we wished we had been privy to prior to starting college. Test scores, essays, extracurricular involvement - all these things are important in the process of reaching college nowadays, but not everyone has the resources and support systems to guarantee that they'll know all of these things.

What it does

GradIQ serves as a platform that allows prospective college students to register and track their progress in college applications, such as whether they've completed a particular test, or spoken with their counselor for more information. GradIQ also allows students to view and sort schools by certain preferences.

How I built it

We created GradIQ as an iOS application with Swift with a Node.js backend using Express.js, Typescript, and MongoDB.

Challenges I ran into

We faced many challenges on both sides of our project. On the backend side, we had to devote a lot of time to collecting information about colleges in the US and transforming them for our use due to the speed of the API we were using. On the frontend, we were faced with some issues in properly parsing JSON information from the backend.

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