One of my friends ran into hardships at school and we built this to help him better himself.

What it does

It serves to purposes to help kids with low grades get them up with an effective time schedule and it can also be used to vend student tutors around the world to bring in advertisements for their business.

How we built it

At the start of the infrastructure we built around a simple program which once asked for grades and location that we slowly transferred to a GUI interface which has locational awareness due to it's Yelp API.

Challenges we ran into

The API was granted to us by Yelp free of charge which made it basically effortless to use it but that wasn't the struggle the struggle was incorporating it in an already balanced fundamental problem.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The incorporation of the API

The GUI working seamlessly

The use of a token system

What we learned

Be more time effective start earlier take more rests

What's next for gradesdontmatter

Incorporation more variant of percentages for grades

The addition of more tutoring vendors in addition to a radius picker for the distance of the vendors in the actual app.

The GUI working seamlessly

Built With

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