Teachers that work for the NYC Department of Education do not currently have a uniform grading platform. Some teachers enter their grades in physical grade books and others use Google Docs. This inefficient method of record keeping leads to problems and missed opportunities for corrective or supplemental action..

Student information is frequently lost when they move to a new class or a new school. There is also no system to track parent feedback, which often leads to the same issues being brought up year over year without being addressed. Also, secondary teachers such as gym teachers are not provided with a medical history or background of their students, which can be dangerous as well as lost data on cases with social services.

Gradebook is a tool that can solve many existing problems, but also help modernize the education system by creating individualized action plans to help each student achieve their full potential.

What it does

Gradebook is a Data Analytics tool for teachers to enter grades and see overall performance of students with the help of graphs and charts. It features a Login button and Signin button for teachers to access the application. Teachers also get admin permission to add/modify grades to students, assignments, quiz. The dashboard page shows overall graphs/charts for students. Students can add/modify their personal information from the Students webpage. Action plans are for students who get low grades in a particular subject, It focuses on improving students weak subjects.

How we built it

We started brainstorming on various challenges that the education system lacks and started coming up with various ideas. Our main goal was to create a simple yet effective application for the teachers to use. We created our initial design using Figma, then we started collecting resources like which Frontend Language to use, what Backend Language we needed and which Database for storing the data.

Challenges we ran into

We wanted to implement more intuitive Action Plans for students using Data Science, but we were not able to do it within the time constraint

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We enjoyed working on an impactful project, learning from fellow team members

What we learned

Nicole: I am a beginner and this is my first hackathon. I learned how to use figma to design websites, worked on coding the front-end part of the website with Saurabh. It was a great collaborative experience and I enjoyed working with my team.

Saurabh: I am a beginner and my first hackathon. Learned UI/UX designing, worked on coding the front-end part of the website with Nicole.

Richard: I enjoyed learning about this topic and the many flaws in the current education system. I am looking forward to continuing to work on this project and applying more sophisticated elements

Daniel Jeswin: I’m relatively new to hackathons and this is my second one. I learnt to use Flask as web servers with Jinja templates. Also learnt UI design with Bootstrap.

What's next for Gradebook

We would like to take our project forward by building Machine Learning models, analyze the student patterns and progress, and suggest learning resources to students in the subjects he/she is performing poorly in or enhancements to education.

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