Gradeable is an elegant digital grading platform designed to help teachers give faster, smarter feedback and personalize learning for every student.

Over the past nine months, we have built a working version of Gradeable that can take scanned images of physical student work and make them ‘gradeable’ online. The app is currently being tested in over a dozen schools across the country, including three middle schools in the Uncommon Schools charter network, based in Boston and New York City.

As you can see in our video, teachers can use Gradeable to digitally grade student work, regardless of whether that work is on paper or electronic. We make grading easier. More importantly, we enable the collection of frequent data points on student learning and achievement. By using grading as a primary data source, we transform it into a powerful formative assessment and feedback tool that can be linked to Common Core State Standards.

Current digital grading solutions are either limited to multi-choice responses or require 1:1 device distribution for every teacher and student. Or both. Gradeable requires only one mobile device or document scanner, and one internet-enabled computer per classroom. This means that virtually every school could start using Gradeable right away. And by making grading digital, and we can build a foundation to help schools become truly paperless in the future.

Gradeable is great for personalized learning because we give teachers formative insights based on the grading work they are already doing, rather than asking them to manually enter data when they’re done grading. As a result, students get faster, more meaningful feedback from their teachers. And research proves that timely, specific feedback can increase student achievement by as much as a 29%. We keep the focus on students, relationships, and progress, just where teachers want to be.

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