As first-year students, we were very frustrated with the structure of blackboard and how disorganized it can be. Seeing how some professors used other means of telling us our grades such as email, discord, slack, etc. It can get pretty hectic so we decided to create an app where we manually track it.

What it does

Stores all your courses and assignments, with the option to add more and calculate the overall grade including its weight.

How we built it

Created an assignment class, then a course class, which built into the student class. Assignment object had the ability to store the weight of each assignment, its grade, name, and calculating a weighted grade for the assignment. then we store assignments in an ArrayList of a course class. Course class had the ability of adding and deleting assignments, as well as updating weighted grade with each assignment change. Then we created a student class to hold all the added courses in the ArrayList. Student class has methods to add and delete courses, retrieve course grades, and hold student information. Finally, we put it all together in a Graphics User Interface using Java Swing to reach the end result.

Challenges we ran into

We had a lot of ideas that were cut short due to having to learn a lot of material like Java swing and interconnectivity between front and back end. As well as time management and team coordination issues that arose.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Proud that we learned so much new material and that we were able to implement it in such a short time frame, such as Java Swing and its many components.

What we learned

To be more aware of time constraints and that we should plan the project more in-depth before beginning to execute.

What's next for Grade Rescue

Grade Rescue is a prototype of a student app that in the future could be implemented for different platforms both personal computers and smartphones.

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