The problems we faced with starting out in a new field and how it would have helped us if we had better guidance.

What it does

GradAssist is a platform for authentic users to connect them to verified and experienced seniors and alumni. All of our advices are fully verified and ready to help.

How we built it

We used HTML5, CSS and JavaScript for the Frontend part and to run this web application on server used NodeJS with ExpressJS and make rooms with SQL database for login/sign up.

Challenges we ran into

New to several languages, connecting to server and running into errors every two minutes. Database so that authenticated used can login only.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting to know new languages, introduction to backend and database. It was really fun working with this wonderful team of ours and this hackathon helped us learned a lot of stuffs.

What we learned

Introduction to Backend,, database and how to add bootstrap to save ourselves from writing a bunch of CSS codes.

What's next for GradAssist

We'll continue to work on this web application to make it more efficient and use more web technologies to add pictures, whiteboard, and video, so that we can have a real-time chat with Experts to guide us all the way through our journey and Implementing a mobile app with GradAssist as well as making it visually accessible with light and dark mode features is a step we not only deem necessary but beneficial for all of our users.

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