The DutchX is a novel decentralized exchange protocol, promising to solve some of the most challenging problems of current DEX models today, including 1) miner front running and 2) being able to handle large volumes of illiquid assets. However, as the reserve dutch auction mechanism differs significantly from tradiontoal order book exchanges, the DutchX model is fairly complex for newcomers and experienced traders to get their head around. Hence I decided to build a small interface that illustrates the current state of the DutchX, how much volume is flowing through it and what the current prices of the traded assets are.

What it does

It shows:

1) The total and token specific accumulated trading volume (bids and asks) 2) The most discovered prices 3) The most recent price changes 4) The spread between bid and ask prices

How I built it

Using DutchX API, Node.js and React

Challenges I ran into

Event listening of smart contract is tuff!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Abstracting the auction mechanisms and illustrating a proper time series chart of the current volume

What I learned

Async functions might lead to sleepless nights

What's next for GrachtenDX

Illustration of the spread between Binance Prices and DutchX prices over time

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