Last week I needed to buy a new tube of toothpaste, but I didn’t go to Ralph’s as soon as I realize my toothpaste was running out (mostly because of laziness). Everyday, some students living nearby go to supermarkets, so it won’t be a trouble for them to grab a tube of toothpaste for me and therefore save me quite a lot of time. The app can also be used in other ways. We often ask our friends to grab food for us if we can’t make it between classes, but there are not always people we know that are available.

How it works

Sign up with Facebook. Explore local stores and restaurant using a map. When ready, with help of a Mashape NLP api, speak what you want and where in a normal sentence. Wait for someone to take your order and deliver.

Challenges I ran into

Xcode is so horrible in dealing with dependency.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Animation using pop and the cool voice recognition view.

What's next for grabItForMe

Location-based push notifications. Payment system

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