Our goal was to create an easy and efficient way to buy groceries to enable a consumer to prepare a specific recipe. GrabBag does that for you. No need to worry about ingredients, simply select a suggested recipe and the store will grab everything for you. When you show up you simply grab your bag.

GrabBag consists of a consumer app for placing orders and a companion app to enable a store employee to collect the items for you.

GrabBag works with Clover for backend support. The consumer app utilizes Clover's ability to connect with merchants. This gave us the ability to get information from the merchant such as: recipes, inventory items, prices and allowed us to create and process orders.

When the consumer app is started, the app displays a wonderfully animated splash screen which transitions into the first major portion of our app, the Recipe screen. In the Recipe screen a curated list of recipes that over time would contextually change based to your likes and dislikes is displayed. After selecting a recipe, the Recipe Detail screen which gives a better look into the ingredients is displayed. This also enables the consumer to adjust the recipe to feed more or less people. Once the consumer has found a recipe, the items for that recipe are added to a shopping list. The consumer can add more items or to go ahead and place the order. This starts the runner or store employee workflow. This begins with a runner getting a notification of a new order come into their app. After selecting an order to run, the runner then is shown a list of items he/she needs to get before the order is complete. After the runner completes the order, the customer is notified that the order is ready for pick up.

How we used Clover:

  • We pull down recipes and ingredients from Clover (which are created as categories and category items)
  • We use Clover to create an order which gets sent to Clover servers
  • Once the order is sent we request to get orders from the Clover servers for the runner app
  • The last step includes updating the order on the server (Clover now checks permissions on the new API and because of the device set up this was not possible to enable. Hence this part of the app did not work correctly)

Future enhancements could easily include an Android Wear application to enable receiving order ready notifications, tailored recipe suggestions for customers, recipe instructions, ratings and more.

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