Traveling in a new country is a great experience, but you want to grab a drink and maybe meet a local. Sitting alone in your dorm room and want to grab a drink with someone new, use our app to find interesting and fun new people. We have created the app to match you with other who want to grab a drink and meet some amazing people.

What it does

matches people who want to grab a beer with others near them.

How we built it

We have based our system on Firebase/Geofire and android.

Challenges we ran into

No-one in the team had used any of the technologies we used in the project, so it was a steep learning curve.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we have been able to create a working application from scratch.

What we learned

If you want to learn a new technology, just jump into it with a project and you can pick it up relatively quickly.

What's next for GrabAPint

We hope to work on it together and hope to have a first release on the app store by easter-time so we can start improving iteratively based on what people want.

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