When we learned about Wix Dev Con, we immediately started brainstorming ideas and checking out some content online. And we came across a few games which use Rope as a character. Our first Idea draft was to put explosive random on the whole map statically. But It was boring and easy to win. Then we came up with the idea to move around bombs, and we thought about where to move bombs, so we decided to let them move to the center and came up with the "Base" Idea.

What it does

After lots of brain storming, we came up with our final idea that you need to protect your base from the explosive using a Rope.

How we built it

Let's discuss how each part is designed,

  1. Rope: We first started with the head and tail on a canvas and then built up the whole body using classes of each point and connected them using the Rope class.
  2. Area: The whole area was created using Wix Elements, which interact with custom elements using Custom Events.
  3. Start page: it was created using Wix elements.
  4. Score: We stored scores into a collection named "scores" using Wix data API.
  5. Sign-in page: We used Wix Members to access this feature.

Challenges we ran into

Our main challenges were the game's logic, and creating a game in Wix is not easy job 🙄, to be honest. It was a great experience using Wix and Velo in some unique manner to create a game out of it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Since we were a little late to hackathon, We are proud 🏆 that we were able to accomplish the game before deadline .

What we learned

During this hackathon we learned a many thins regarding Wix, EditorX, and Velo.

What's next for GRAB IT!

We have decided to make it a multi-player game in we will use Wix Real-time API for two-player, one who can bomb and opponent can save his base. Second thing for GRAB IT! is to customize map like leveling type. Third and most intersting one to create store in it for customizing rope and base.

Built With

  • javascript
  • velo
  • wix
  • wix-data-api
  • wix-location
  • wix-members-area
  • wix-users
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