In my grade 11 english class, I had an awesome oppurtunity to pursue a passion project. For mine, I chose to teach a class on electronics. I love working with them, and I wanted to share that passion.

What it does

The kids got to learn how to connect to and use common components, as well as take home a kit containing

  • 1 digispark
  • 1 breadboard
  • 1 speaker
  • 2 buttons
  • 2 NPN transistors
  • 25 leds
  • bunch of wires

Challenges I ran into

I originally wanted to also show them how to program the digisparks, but after crashing a bunch of school computers, discovered that it just was not going to be possible with the resourcees I had, so I instead made an everything program and focused on circuitry.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I did it! Many of them were able to understand what was happening and draw their own conclusions about how things worked.

What I learned

A lot. I learned about some of the joys and frustrations of teaching, but also many skills when it comes to instructing and guiding individuals, especially when you find it easy but they do not.

What's next for Gr 6 Electronics Workshop

I would love to do this again. I've shared this story with a few people, some of which may lead to further oppurtunities to teach and work with kids on electronics.


Code and Lesson Plans

Special Thanks

A Special Thank you to Ethan Guo for helping to edit my code and clean it up, as well as convert the songs to pitches. I would also like to thank my English teacher Ms. Kidd for providing this oppurtunity, as well as Mr Cummings for letting me teach his class.

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