With the increasing prevalence of ChatGPT being used as a powerful tool in many domains, we, as students, wondered how ChatGPT could be used to help aid students like us in improving their education.

What it does

GPTutor is a tool that students can use to summarize and generate both open-ended and multi-choice questions from any given website, text, or image. GPTutor is able to digest the text provided by the student and generate quizzes for them to test their understanding of the given topic. For further revision, it also allows the student to export the data to popular tools such as Quizlet for additional tools and practice.

How we built it

For the backend, GPTutor makes use of ChatGPT (but is also compatible with the Da Vinci/Curie GPT3 models). For the front end, Fastapi is used to deliver content to the user.

Challenges we ran into

ChatGPT is known to give plausible-sounding but false responses. As such, to minimize the possibility of such a case occurring, we let the user decide what text to be provided to ChatGPT, making use of its ability to read and digest texts, rather than relying on its own understanding. However, in the event that the user is not satisfied with the responses generated by GPTutor, they always have the ability to modify GPTutor's responses manually to ensure that their learning is as rigorous as possible.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

GPTutor is able to summarize a wide range of texts in many different formats, and generate quizzes that are both accurate and relevant to the text provided (including but not limited to: history, geography, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, and much more). We are proud of the strong accuracy of the responses given by GPTutor

What we learned

How to develop a web application that is able to programmatically interact with ChatGPT, with integrations to a Chrome Web Extension and Sqlite3 Database.

What's next for GPTutor

Future extensions that we plan to pursue include adding the ability for students to re-try quizzes with slightly different questions, prompted by ChatGPT, so as to increase the memory retention rate when they revise. We also intend to add other accessibility features such as dictation and other learning tools that we were unfortunately unable to implement given the short 24 hour span of the Hackathon.

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