What it does

Start a Quest, invite friends, and begin a conversation. Share your location automatically along the way. See your friends' location on the map compared to your own. Continue the conversation using voice on Android Wear!


Our app, BackCountry Navigator, is the best selling Android app of its kind for outdoor recreation, and has been used by a million people around the world.

Users of BackCountry Navigator are passionate about finding their way. They can follow trails and routes, navigate to fixed waypoints, or stay within boundaries.

Periodically, they have expressed the desire to also be able to see their friends on the map. This requires more than GPS. You need GPS with Friends.


A wide range of use is possibility for GPS with Friends. Examples include:

  1. Hunting buddies stalking game in the foothills
  2. A family keeping tabs on each other in a large park or zoo
  3. Friends connecting in an outdoor concert or sporting event.

How I built it

Built with Android Studio and connected to the Magnet Sandbox, this app makes use of the Magnet library for messaging. It uses an Ad hoc Discussion Group - with a private channel.

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