Been to the stores(Home Depot, Target, Walmart) and tried to find a specific item and its ends up like an adventure to find a treasure, instead of making it quick and efficient.

What it does

Try to take you to the item exactly where it is in the aisle(and bin, Which Row and rack)

How I built it

I'm envisioning a simple prototype to have an individualized position tracking chip/barcode/sensors in the item and have an transmitter and receiver component to get you to the item's exact or appropriate location. -------or it could be totally different solution to built and i'm open for it.

Challenges I ran into

Haven't started the product yet. But looking forward to it in IoTHackDay. Also, Circling Aisles and asking/questing/request help from employees to locate the exact item.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Participated in Startup week end Twin-cities and one self bootstrapped/failed startup.

What I learned

What's next for GPS tracker to find a specific item in the store

We will find out.

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