GPS 2 Gear

GPS 2 Gear GPS 2 Gear

First GPS app for Gear 2!!

App capable of pushing many useful information to your smartwatch


  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Altitude
  • Current speed
  • Accuracy of position
  • Fixed satellites number
  • Live satellites signal strength (in form of bar chart)
  • Sunrise and sunset times for your location

How to use:

  • Run app on Gear 2
  • Run app on mobile phone
  • Click 'Connect'
  • Wait for GPS fix - Enjoy!

You can turn off the screen and updates will still be pushed to watch. Similarly when you press 'Home' and put app to background.

!! Tip

In Display Settings set Wake-up gesture to 'Last viewed screen'. Then after screen on your GPS coordinates will still be there.

!! Attention !!

GPS 2 Gear on your mobile phone works even when you turn off the screen.



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Created by myself and from under Public Domain Dedication (

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