Pepper robots are cute and charming and silly; however, out of the box, they are quite lacking in terms of natural conservation. We bridged this gap by giving the brain of Google Assistant while preserving its own personality.

What it does

It is capable of everything gAssistant is and much more. It translates, dances, answers questions, plays music videos. gPepper is also a great entertainer.

How we built it

We utilized the Google assistant gRPC library and hack it together with Pepper's microphone and other API.

Challenges we ran into

Linux and audio is always a problem. Pepper's system is extremely inflexible in terms of installing new libraries and applications. The main challenge was to combine both Pepper and gAssistant systems together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have super cute and smart robot that knows it all.

What we learned

Endurance is important! We learned how hard it is to fight hardware difficulties.

What's next for gPepper

gPepper is a proof of concept and very early stage. The next steps would be to query Google Assistant also using the camera and other sensors such as location. More sophisticated extension of Google Assistant API is a matter of course. In the long run, Pepper will become a personal buddy and assistant, all in one.

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