After matriculating as complete newbies, we realised that the fear of asking questions is too great and an anonymous form-like avenue will benefit us all. In addition, we would want it to be convenient, hence the use of a Telegram bot.

We aimed to add in an incentive system for the responders to the questions posed. This involved

What it does

Here's the Github repo for the backend rails server Here's the Github repo for the telegram bot

How I built it

GPAScrubBOT is a telegram bot that uses Telegrams API to interact with the students to understand their queries and redirects them to Subject matter experts who have volunteered to answer the questions for the betterment of their peers and students. Consistent involvement in answering student queries and student’s satisfaction of their answers will contribute to increase in reputation points within the Answering community. These points will be more effective after usage of telegram bot and awareness about the bot increases and at that point Leader board systems and other incentives could be involved as future extensions. As a result of mass adoption of this bot in the already popular social media communication tool, we stand a chance to develop a strong and supportive community for learning form one another.

Challenges I ran into

  • issues setting up the development environment, including import statements and such. Primarily due to our complete inexperience in the language.

  • originally intended to have multiple related models in the backend rails server in order to implement a virtual reward system that is based off of ratings for provided answers. This was a problem because we had too many interrelated models and we couldn't figure out how to properly associate them. This resulted in really troublesome cyclic dependency issues.

  • our inexperience in python proved to be too big hurdle and all OOP concepts were abandoned.

-on of our team members was sick. We didn't plan enough. Somehow managed to get something done, although pretty dismal.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

  • basic python syntax
  • how to brute force non-compliant dev environments
  • how to collab via VSCode live share

What's next for GPAScrubBOT: Ask Differently.

  • implementing the other models

  • mass adoption increases, have better hosting service to meet demand.

  • leaderboard implementation so that users of a particular help points/ calibre will be motivated .

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