gPanic allows you to instantly send SMS or/and email(s) to your friends or family with attached a link to a map with last GPS coordinates and others useful details such as user name, IMEI, battery and network signal level, panic details and more. Additionally, user can choose type of panic: health (default) or crime.

If you're worried about a loved one you do not need to wait until she/he sends the last location because it can be returned remotely. Remote commands can be send a as plain SMS. In other words, you can use any phone to send a command. For example: to get GPS position just type a word 'pos' and send that SMS to phone connected with GEAR smartwatch.

gPanic is very helpful for personal, children's safety, sick or lonely people. In case of illness or danger you just need to press the red button to notify relatives and pass your position.

If you can't wait for incoming help you can turn on local panic. Your GEAR smartwatch will play very loud alarm and show emergency text like: 'call a doctor'.

Usually there is no time to look for app in your GEAR smartwatch when you are in trouble. That's why we added possibility to run application by wrist's gesture. Do 2 or more gestures and the app will show up.

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