We wanted to help students achieve better grades in their courses by helping them find colleagues and connect with one another other to work on their academics.

What it does

GPA+ allows students to make new friends and meet new people through the power of study. A user sets up his profile by inputting his classes and, after that initial setup, the user is be able to see students that have the same classes as them. A swiping system would allow users to select wether or not they want to study with another student.

How we built it

We mostly worked with Android in order to create our app and we used the LAMP stack on our AWS instance. A backend API was developed using php to service the android application.

Challenges we ran into

We initially had problems with certain elements of material design but after doing some research we figured out how to fix them. One of the most challenging things we faced was uploading and cropping pictures on Android. This was difficult because in order to be compatible with many devices, an app must be able to communicate with a variety of different gallery applications. We solved this by trying out a combination of open sourced solutions and tweaking them to our needs. Another big challenge was managing the database and creating proper queries to collect useful data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the design of the app since it conforms to the guidelines applied by Google themselves as well as the intricate and dense API developed in the backend :).

What we learned since

We spent a lot of time working on the the design of the app and learned a lot material design, we also were able to practice our database design skills. We also learned more about each other's abilities and skills, and will better delegate tasks in the future.

What's next for GPA+

We plan to add some of the functionalities that we were not able to do in the time frame of the hackathon, such as chat rooms for fellow group members.

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