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Gozzip is a video conferencing app that is built using Dolby Communication APIs,

  • Using Gozzip connecting and meeting up with your friends and colleagues would be just a few clicks away.
    • Simply create a Conference Code and share it with your friends and you're done.
    • Use Gozzip to meet and share and collaborate with people from all around the world.
    • Gozzip creates a hybrid communication experience for each participant using Dolby's cutting-edge communication API'S.

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Some important features include:

  • Video Sharing
  • Voice Sharing
  • Screen Sharing
  • Conference Recording

Tech Stack-

  • Client: React.js
  • Styling: Semantic UI
  • API: Dolby Communication Api
  • Deployment: Netlify

Future Plans -

  • Implementing webhooks to inform events occuring during the Call
  • Chat Integration
  • Sharing Links of the Conference
  • Integrating Authorization/Authentication
  • Improving UI/UX of the webapp
  • Scheduling Conferences

Built With

  • dolbycommunicationapi
  • netlify
  • react
  • semanticui
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