Goze is a mobile app where people can capture their life journey through photo, videos and unlimited text. Goze lets you create shared events by adding contributors. You can also control privacy by event by simply selecting which friends of family you want to see each event or, keep some completely to yourself. You can also keep them completely private. For those who want a physical way to share their memories, you can export into photobooks and/or on DVDs. Goze exhibits your life journey and you are the curator.

Goze will change the way families and individuals record their life history by providing an easy and accessible way to record life's greatest moments on the go. By incorporating a social media element (optional, of course), Goze provides a safe, private place where one can keep all their personal and private memories.

Families can collaborate on recording memories of their ancestors or their young families - all in one place. Because Goze is event-based, an simple API to Family Search or Family Tree would make exporting for other purposes simple. People will be doing their personal and family history and not even now it!

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posted an update

Check out updates as of this week 11/04 through the App Store. You can now integrate your Goze account with other social media so you know who to follow on Goze. We also added functionality that allows you to move photos within an event by dragging and dropping them.

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