Rose has a family member who works on developing low income housing, and when we looked at websites providing information, they were unintuitive and difficult to use,

What it does

Our project displays information by state and county as an interactive map, color coded by cost for low-income housing. Clicking on a specific county provides even more information of low income housing projects in the area.

How we built it

We at first hoped to build our site with a python web-framework, but eventually decided to use ploty.js and build our site using jQuery, HTML, and Javascript. We worked to decide what data to display and how would be the best way to showcase it, before implementing each necessary part in the most simple case first, before elaborating.

Challenges we ran into

The dataset we used did not provide enough information on the state of Alaska, so we were unable to provide detailed information on that state. We ran into many challenges in choosing what data to present and what frameworks to choose.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of being able to troubleshoot many different problems that occurred. Additionally, we are proud of being flexible enough to change our framework when we realized we had spent too much time researching without learning much.

What we learned

We learned choosing the technical basis of a project requires a lot of research, and it is usually best to go with what you know best for a short time frame. Additionally, we learned that there will often be challenges that you cannot predict, and you need to stay positive and be willing to keep learning.

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