GovernLeap, an idea by Sara Lynn Michener, is a learning tool for all ages that uses publicly-available information to follow the biographies of leaders and politicians, step-by-step, birth to present day. The user steps into the shoes of a prominent political leader, following him or her through educational, career, and life choices, until the person's identity, gender, and party affiliation is revealed to the user.

The objective is to learn about the people elected into office, in a personal way, without labels. It demystifies the journey from Regular Person to Politician, as well as celebrates the extraordinary accomplishments it took many to get there. It explores the different personal experiences, social classes, and educational backgrounds that so often lead to divergent stances or philosophies on policy and political thought.

You'll recieve a different person each time*, so you can begin comparing leaders. Some of the most successful and inspiring leaders didn't start out at Ivy League schools, or didn't always know they'd end up in politics; and some of them did. Some fought their way through, while others seemed to be born into opportunity. Your result may surprise you.

*We're in Alpha until our developer gets over a nasty lung infection, so for now we only have one example to give a hint of what's to come.

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