In a state of global pandemic, EU governments are faced with the hard task to deal with the situation caused by increasing cases of infected with the Covid 19 virus. Many hospitals are found to have a shortage of protective clothing and medical staff. In smaller cities, the capacity in the infectious wards is insufficient to accommodate all patients in need of hospitalization. There is also a greater shortage of staff, which in turn forces healthcare professionals to work more hours and with more infected daily, which increases the risk of them getting infected. All this leads to the need to create a unified system that provides a suite of applications that enable governments to be more effective in the battle against coronavirus.

What it does

For thеse purposes we have developed a government healthcare suite which has two parts:

The first part is for government purposes. It contains a map of hospitals and information about the capacity in each hospital, the patients, the date they were admitted, as well as a complete history of their current status, outcome of closed cases,the available medical and technical equipment at each hospital. The suite allows to be easily extended according to the custom needs of another government.

Тhe second part is an information system designed for citizens through which they can get answers to the most important questions related to the virus, such as:

What safety and prevention measures to follow and what measures the government takes in order to limit the spread of the infection:

  • What to do if they suspect they have been infected with coronavirus and how and where they can be tested,

They can also get up-to-date information on travel restrictions.

Citizens are also given the opportunity to actively participate in the fight against COVID - 19 by volunteering at a hospital of their choice or donating to a hospital in need. And since the pandemic has inevitably led to an economic crisis, for citizens eligible to the terms of application, a simplified form is provided for them to apply for social assistance from the state. Аn opportunity for financial assistance is also provided for some enterprises.

How I built it

The project leverages open-source technologies like Eclipse Dirigible & Kubernetes.

The project was built entirely with Eclipse Dirigible tooling for Low-Code/No-Code development. In-system development techniques were also used for building in-app extensions (e.g Hospitals Map).

More about Dirigible can be found here:

Reference blog on How to build Apps without Abs

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Defining the use case, building and deploying the project and making a demo video for less than 36 hours.

What's next for Gov Healthcare Suite

The Gov Healthcare Suite repo is open-source and will continue its life in the DirigibleLabs organization. The project can be extended with additional features like:

  • enhanced security (integration with Keycloak)
  • monitoring of home quarantined patients
  • tracking of the effect that different treatments have on patients and making a statistic graphic representing the outcomes -integration with public sources (GitHub) for cases data of neighbour countries
  • government procurement tracking of medical equipment (e.g. masks, respirators, tests, ...)
  • email verification of volunteers
  • evacuation app (for citizens outside of their homeland)
  • exchange of information between different governments (integration between different instances)
  • more statistics graphics
  • bug fixing
  • other ideas and pull requests are welcomed

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