library of useful Python code for scientific + technical applications

see the IPython notebook for an overview of features

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colors : hex RGB colors and related functions

container : sorted collection

datetime2: additions to datetime standard library

decorators: useful decorators

drawing : Read/Write and handle vector graphics in .dxf, .svg and .pdf formats

expr: simple symbolic math expressions

geom, geom3d : 2D + 3D geometry

graph : efficient Euclidian Graphs for NetworkX and related algorithms

image: image processing and conversion

interval: operations on [x..y[ intervals

itertools2: additions to itertools standard library

markup : simple HTML/XML generation (forked from markup )

math2: additions to math standard library

motion: motion simulation (kinematics)

optim: optimization algorithms : knapsack, traveling salesman, simulated annealing

piecewise: piecewise-defined functions

plot: plotable rich object display on IPython notebooks

polynomial: manipulation of polynomials

statemachine: state machines with graph representation

stats: very basic statistics functions

table: Table class with Excel + CSV I/O, easy access to columns, HTML output, and much more.

tests: utilities for unit tests (using nose)

workdays :WorkCalendar class with datetime operations on working hours, handling holidays. merges and improves BusinessHours and workdays packages


Goulib uses lazy requirements. Many modules and functions do not require any other packages, packages listed in requirements.txt are needed only by some Goulib classes or functions

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