Last two years I have been aware of some problems that appeared when using the decentralized technologies, and some of them are:

  • lack of privacy when interacting with services (how infura manages my privacy? is etherscan tracking my web interactions). Can they know my accounts?

  • trusting in centralized services... are public JSON-RPC providers answering the correct data? data visualization of my transactions in XXX is ok?

  • trusting only in the browser*... what about a malware that modifies the browser content, this really scares me a lot.

So, those services are really important but is also important to have other options, less centralized.

DAppNode (, just got an EFC and Aragon grants) is a community Linux distro with a container-manager for decentralized applications, and it comes with the possibility to easy install a different kind of full nodes and develop applications that use these nodes, among other interesting options. So, developing an application for it seems to have a lot of sense.

What it does

The application is a server that continuously scans for dappnode-installed full nodes (for the moment only ethereum nodes). In this configuration, you can specify:

  • the blockchains installed,
  • accounts/smartcontracts to monitor
  • define flexible rules about when get notified

When it occurs, you will be notified via Telegram (or another DAppNode installed messaging agent).

Here is an example of a configuration file:

# configuration file
        type: ethereum
        url: ws:// 

    # simple account monitor, from or to
        network : ethmain

    # scan smartcontract action
        network : ethmain
        rule: (to == '0x06012c8cf97bead5deae237070f9587f8e7a266d' && data =~ '0xf7d8c883')
        message: KryptoKittiy createSiringAuction called with gas {{ .gasprice }}

    # check events in all transactions if there’s my account in the 0x6e81… topic of the 0x7d13… contract
        network : ethmain
        rule: (log_0x7d1335Af903ff256823c9AA2d4a5aaA41E054335_0x6e812926864597b1b871e35c4b24bd297ec1e96c871c41b9d7d3deb47bbe751c =~ '137d9174d3bd00f2153dcc0fe7af712d3876a71e')
            message: Somebody made me a transfer 

    telegramusername: adriamb

Telegram sends a notification like:

alert: Generic 0x137d9174d3bd00f2153dcc0fe7af712d3876a71e account modified

The is a .eth domain that can be accessed via DAppNode VPN integrated ENS resolution, there you can see more information about the transaction done using the data from your full node, not from an external-centralized service.

How I built it

I write a golang application (I reused a set of functions from another project I'm writing, the ipfs pinning consortium) to download receipts in parallel. After that, dockerized it and packaged into a DAppNode application using the SDK.

Challenges I ran into

Mainly being alone, it's really hard when you really like to finish things in a polished way, and also making it possible to be usable inside DAppNode (thanks @eduadiez!)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finishing it and making it a useful tool. A lot of people is not monitoring their stuff (from hodl accounts, to multisigs, to ICO smartcontracts) in a decentralized way, now this is possible.

What I learned

First time doing a hackathon alone... a lot more fun working in a team! Lesson learned!

What's next for gotoma

Things I didn't finalize... (︶︹︺)

  • Better tx visualization with ABI decoding
  • Support for more complex queries to generate alerts, I want to investigate about adding WASM plugins
  • Nicer GUI now is horrible!

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