Every time you go to a new city...or even in your own city, do you remember how much time you have wasted figuring out the best way to buy the public transportation ticket and the cheapest ticket suitable for your need. You need to wait no more...

What it does

Choose any two places on the map and the app shows you the best route and the tickets available.

How I built it

I used react-native mobile application and integrated HERE map API.

Challenges I ran into

Emulating react-native app on the android emulator and getting it work on the expo app on the mobile phone.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I managed to get the prototype running...

What I learned

App building is a heavy task, and going alone was not the best way. I hope to find like-minded people soon.

What's next for goticket

Develop a beta product and test with real users.

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