My inspirations are my family, dreams to pursue music career and on this matter I am a fan of Divi Theme, I want to make building websites in HubSpot easier and more efficient for all marketers

What it does

Gotheme is a performance focused, clean, lightweight, extendable and minimalist HubSpot theme built for Marketers. Everything is straightforward!

How I built it

I built it from scratch using HubSpot CMS documentation and utilizing the latest HubSpot Theme features.

Challenges I ran into

Deadline is too tight for me as solo while having a day-to-day full time job and some stuffs going on. I have had a hard time about design perspective but at the end of the day I want to become extremely easy for all marketers

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm so proud and happy that I finished it and knowing that I give all I've got on this project, my first ever legit hackathon makes me so proud.

What I learned

  • I've learn a lot utilizing full features of HubSpot Theme DND.

What's next for Gotheme

Add additional modules, prebuilt templates and improving it until it matures. As much as possible I want it to maintain and become future proof and compatible to the future HubSpot latest releases and updates

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