The art of computer recognition software is slowly becoming the norm of computer vision. We were inspired by implementing this in a new technology such as Microsoft's Hololens. We wanted to cater this software to businessmen so they can keep track of new employees. This is also catered towards recruiters whose job is to meet new people. We wanted to ease the stress of working business men and recruiters who constantly have to keep track of new faces every day.

What it does

Users of Cheat Sheet will be allowed to access a profile through facial recognition algorithms. This will ease of access data for recruiters and colleagues without having to physically scroll through loads of resume or pull out their phones during conversations.

How we built it

We built this system through the use of Microsoft's HoloLens to integrate faces with user profiles with C# into Unity 3D. The back end is made by taking a picture using the hololens and outputting with both Python and C# scripts to pick up immediate information from the Hololens and output an accessible profile which then the wearer can interact with and gather information regarding the person in front of them.

Challenges we ran into

One of the bigger technical challenges was having everyone in the team pick up the speed regarding the implementation with various API works. This was quite difficult for members who have not delve into Unity or Microsoft's Azure cloud servers. Perhaps the greater challenge was the momentous hurdles of attempting to input code in an incompatible environment such as running Python in an Unity3d environment system.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

My team thinks that the greatest accomplishment from our project was having the opportunity to tap into Microsoft's Hololens and being able to hold develop a simple function for it.

What we learned

We learned that using the Hololens was a daunting but rewarding task to be able to hack into one of Microsoft's developing technologies.

What's next for Cheat Sheet

Aside, from pulling a name and basic info from each face recognized, we wanted to add new features and grant users the ability to search for specific information.

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