Have you ever had the dreadful experience of having your locker password hijacked, and your belongings stolen? What about your safe? If not, you can. Or could, up until you get Gotcha!.

Gotcha! is a device you can add to any locker, safe deposit, closet, or any space enclosed by a door, that turns on a video recorder whenever the door is open. This allows you to monitor any movement inside the safe, and even detect any intruder who hijacks your personal space.

Our device consists of an accelerometer attached to your locker’s door. This accelerometer will sense motion (whenever the door is opened) and will send a Bluetooth signal to a camera attached at the end of the locker (pointing at the door). The camera will record a video up until the moment when the door is closed, and the recorded video will be sent to the owner’s phone, if possible. If not possible, it will be posted online and the link will be sent to the owner through a text message.

Here is the link to our Promotional Video:


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