I currently went to Colombia for my birthday, and we were all so confused how much money to take out for this trip to be successful. So I created a java "bank account", to keep track of how much money I'm withdrawing and depositing through the duration of the trip. Yet, no one knew how much it would convert our U.S. dollars into pesos so then I made a trip calculator, to ensure how much U.S. dollars would convert into pesos.

What it does This is the "Bank Account" to keep track of how much money you have from withdrawing and/or depositing. This is the receipt of how much pesos your receiving from the cost of you and the other people's plane ticket, the number of nights stayed, and money for expenses. This program will convert the U.S. dollars to colombianos pesos.

Challenges I ran into

Figuring out the right percentages in order to convert the money properly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It's always an accomplishment to get for getting it to work properly without any errors in the code.

What's next for GotBanks?

I'm currently working in HTML full time, so it would be cool to convert my current information into placing the calculators into a website.

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