Here in Mexico, when patients (o persons) need blood donation it is required for them to find someone to replace the blood that will be taken from the blood bank, we have seen the problems that this rule causes on families in the urge of finding people with blood compatible with the patient's and willing to donate.

What it does:

Gota roja is a web platform designed to link blood donors with patients in a fast way. It accomplishes the task by showing users who have asked for blood, closests hospitals according to the user position our you can even request blood to a friend, family.

How we built it:

We decided to use React for the front-end, the webpage receives new users at a landing page that asks them to join the community via facebook, this facebook authentication was accomplished by the implementation of firebase, after the authentication, the website creates a user in the firebase real time database with that information. The back-end was created with Node JS. Firebase provides us a complete component to keep our users connected at real-time.

Technical challenges apperead since day one, no one on the team had worked with firebase, react and talkbot so our first step was to study. But those technical limitations dissapeared when we understood the benefits that we would bring to our community if we decided to act and offer this new efficient alternative.

After two months of work

We can say that we did it. We had many doubts, many things failed but we always keep working on it. And at the end of the day, we build a system that can help save many people around the world, and even win a new friendship.That is what Gota Roja can do.

What we learned

We learned that although there are things that seem to have no solution, thinking about something, it can be solved. In this case, blood donations are an important factor to solve.

What is next for Gota Roja

We told our idea to a lot of people and they were very excited with the idea of this new platform, some of them gave us feedback about what we could do to improve the website, some of them were for really long term (such as convincing top brands to give awards to the most active donors or to involve the goverment in those giveaways), we are not only proud about what we have created but we are also proud of what we can, in the near future, build.

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