Feeling thoroughly annoyed by missing some deadlines in the previous semester? GotWhatAssignmentDue is a Telegram bot which exhaustively checks and helps countdown all the coming assessment deadlines and notifies you when it is in the next 7 days. With GotWhatAssignmentDue, you will never overlook any important dates again!


Luminus Dashboard's what's due section.

What it does

If you have tasks due in the next 7 days, every morning it will send you a message to display the list of tasks due with 7 days.

How I built it

telegram bot next.js (mock Luminus portal) express.js (mock API to provide data) cron (to do the job every morning)

Challenges I ran into

  • The luminus API wasnt available to us at the moment as we need to request access to it and it takes quite some time to be approved.
  • To solve this, we built a mock API server and portal to mimic the luminus API and portal that works and behaves the same way to demo the feature we want to show

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • This is really helpful for students that are forgetful like me.

What I learned

  • Setting
  • How a telegram bot works

What's next for Got What Assignment Due?

  • Integration with the official luminus API to get the student's actual data

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